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BT100 Wireless Audio Receiver

Turn your mobile, smartphone, tablet or computer into a wireless hi-fi component!

By connecting our new BT100 to any supported Cambridge Audio product, you can now stream music wirelessly from your iPhone, smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop or any device that supports Bluetooth to your hi-fi or entertainment system.

The range of music available from today's mobile devices is almost endless. In addition to music stored on your phone, tablet or computer, online music services like Spotify, Last FM and of course internet radio can be experienced through your hi-fi in stunning quality.




aptX audio enhancement on board!CSR-APTX

If your smartphone or tablet supports the aptX audio enhancement CODEC (see our frequently updated list on the right), we've got an even more amazing treat in store! aptX, which is featured on a growing number of mobile devices as well as MacBooks and Apple desktop computers, allows audio to be broadcast wirelessly in significantly higher quality than over standard Bluetooth. You'll instantly notice more extensive dynamic range, deeper bass and crystal-clear top end.




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aptX explained

Standard Bluetooth codec (SBC) has extremely variable performance and its weaknesses are very apparent to music lovers. Common complaints include a reduction in high end clarity, muddiness or dullness on stringed content and its reduced Signal to Noise Ratio can cause listener fatigue.

Conversely, the aptX codec has a fixed performance standard to guarantee a consistently excellent quality when music data is transferred wirelessly over Bluetooth. With almost CD-quality reproduction on offer, you'll instantly experience significantly greater dynamics and infinitely more detail from your favourite music.

aptX is a standard that's been heavily adopted by broadcast, professional audio and cinema sectors and every public service and commercial radio broadcaster in Europe, Asia and North America uses aptX. In fact, over 24,000 DTS cinema theatres worldwide use aptX for 5.1 playback!

How does aptX perform Vs Standard Bluetooth?

Tonal reproduction: this graph shows the distortion when 32 pure equidistant tones fed into aptX (green) and SBC (red). As you can see, with SBC, far greater distortion occurs - particularly across the higher frequencies.



Upsampling for even better results upsampling-logo-blk

And if you own a DacMagic Plus or Stream Magic 6, proprietary ATF2 Upsampling technology means music shared wirelessly from your mobile device / computer is dramatically enhanced to give noticeably more detail, greater depth and dynamic range.

Quick Start Guide

BT100 upgrade

Fixes issue when playing Bluetooth audio from some aptX enabled devices. This affects some (but not all) BT100 units. The symptom is audio cutting out after 3 minutes of playback with some aptX capable source devices. Typically affected devices will be Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phones and Apple computers.

If you have any previous version of the update app installed on your PC, you should uninstall this first:

Windows 7 / 8 - ‘Control Panel → Programs and Features’ and double clicking on any installed instance of ‘BT100 Update’.

Windows XP - ‘Control Panel → Add and Remove Programs’ and double clicking on any installed instance of ‘BT100 Update’.

Full instructions from a fresh install are then included in the zip file; please read them first. Click here to download BT100 upgrade files and instructions - note: this upgrade can only be carried out on a Windows computer.