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Bring music to life with real hi-fi, at a budget that's right

The Topaz range combines serious hi-fi with unrivalled value for money. If you're moving up from one-box systems or starting out on the road to serious separate hi-fi, look no further. The Topaz range will wow you with its features, power and build quality. Nothing else at this price comes close. And the range includes something for everyone, whether you carry your music on your smartphone, or love the sound of vinyl. If you love music you'll love Topaz.

How is such affordable quality possible? We call it "Sound First" design. By focussing solely on the things that make music sound so good that it will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and cutting extra cost and clutter, we aim to deliver the best-sounding system you'll ever hear at this price.

We can bring our expertise from making award-winning hi-fis since 1968, and a surprising number of the quality components and technologies from higher-end Cambridge Audio separates, and put them into Topaz.

Our Topaz AM10 premium amplifier and SR10 stereo receiver use toroidal transformers similar to those in our Azur range. The SR10 also uses the same discrete output stages as our Cambridge Audio Azur AV receivers costing twice the price. And our Topaz CD5 and CD10 CD players both use Wolfson digital-to-analogue converters that we're famous for using in our award-winning DacMagic line.

From trickle-down technology to the solidly built, all-metal case carefully damped to minimise vibration and maximise music purity, Topaz delivers stunning sounding hi-fi, at an unbeatable price. Because your music is our passion.