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Systems we love: Audio Streaming

Why we love the 651A amplifier and Stream Magic 6…

The internet can deliver an entire world of music. And this combo will ensure it sounds spectacular when it arrives!




Why Stream Magic 6?

Network music players bring a world of internet audio in beautiful quality to your hi-fi. It connects wirelessly to thousands of internet radio stations as well as streaming music services such as Spotify, Last.fm and BBC iPlayer Radio. It upsamples all digital audio, not just internet streams but also from computers and NAS drives, set-top boxes and games consoles, to studio-level 24-bit/394kHz quality. A free iOS/Android app also lets you control the entire system with ease.



Why the 651A?

This audiophile stereo amplifier delivers stunning audio quality from all sources. And the USB input with Burr Brown processor means soundcards from connected computers are bypassed, getting maximum quality from high bitrate digital audio files.