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Systems We Love: iPhone/iPad/iPod Docks

Why we love the 351R AV receiver and the iD100 digital iPod dock:

Make the most of music from your iPhone or iPad on your hi-fi and watch videos on the big screen too!




Why the iD100?

Not all iPhone, iPod and iPad docks are equal. The iD100 takes a digital audio and video signal direct from the device - bypassing onboard analogue conversion that degrades the signal. The result is a much better audio and video feed from your device to your TV and hi-fi.



Why the 351R?

Superb-quality home cinema surround sound action, plus stunning stereo music reproduction at amazing value - the 351R will take the feed from the iD100 and your iPhone or iPad, or from your CD, DVD or Blu-ray player, set-top box, games console etc. and make it look and sound simply stunning.