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home cinema surround sound

Home Cinema Systems We Love

Why we love the 751R AV receiver and 752BD Blu-ray player - The ultimate system for stunning home cinema sound, great with stereo too.

Picture is only half the home cinema experience. Great sound brings every explosion and car chase to life, putting you in the middle of the action. But while this system is stunning at jawdropping visuals and amazing sound, it does a lot more too!  


Why the 752BD?

The 752BD isn't just a brilliant Blu-ray player, it's a hub spinning every disc format in town, digital video and music files and online streaming services too. And everything looks and sounds great with upsampled audio and upscaled video to Full HD.



Why the 751R?

The 751R is hard to beat for sheer sound quality, from atmospheric home cinema to audiophile stereo music. There's plenty of room-filling power, 7.1 outputs for audiophile connections or a second room setup and upsampling audio and upscaling video processors for all your sources.