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Our Sound First Approach to design

Each product is designed, developed and prototyped here in London with our ‘Sound First’ principle top of mind!

It’s our way of reminding ourselves that whatever product we’re making, the most important thing is how it sounds. It’s a basic tenet of why we’re here and how we’ve continued to grow every year since 1968.

Most of all, we never forget that listening to music is your passion and our relentless quest to get ever closer to the live performance gives us all the motivation we need to continually innovate and keep making products that are even better than their predecessors!

Many of the technologies you’ll discover in our products are custom-developed by us to help you enjoy more from your favourite music. If you delve into our product specs you won’t find unnecessary features or gimmicks. That’s because unlike some brands who insist on cramming in all the latest gizmos and buzz words, we refuse to include any component or technology that doesn’t benefit your music and invest only in things that add to the quality you hear.

Take our Adaptive Time Filtering technology (ATF™) as an example. Several years ago, we saw that as people started to use computers, smart TVs and Blu-ray players as part of their entertainment systems, although the convenience and access to a vast array of content was increasing, quality was really slipping.  So we commissioned a project in conjunction with a team of Swiss scientists to see if we could increase the poor quality performance from the latest digital audio devices which were finding their way into people’s entertainment systems. Now in its second generation, ATF2™ is used in many of our latest products to allow all your favourite gadgets to play their part in your high performance home entertainment system.

Or you could look at our range of premium AV receivers which are specifically designed to sound as good with music as they are with movies. Once again, we took the decision to focus on making them sound incredible and built them to last the test of time rather than trying to shoehorn in pointless features that our customers tell us they don’t use…

It’s ingenious design like this that’s helped Cambridge Audio win countless awards and accolades from around the world including EISA product of the year and CES Innovation Awards.

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