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Music We Love

Music. It’s in our blood, it’s in our bones…

Nobody here at Cambridge Audio just thinks about developing new products without wondering how they can make music sound even better. To us, the products we create are a means to an end and we’ve got numerous different ways to maximise the potential of your music whether it’s stored on your home network, streamed from the cloud, stored on CD or Vinyl or even on your phone.

One of the best things about working here is the variety of music we get to hear. There’s a system in every corner you look, speakers all around the place and even in the board room. We use music to keep us going when we’re frantically busy, keep us calm as we beaver away on pressing designs in the small hours and most of all, we use it to listen to our latest products and hear how they really sound.

We listen to all kinds of stuff from Led Zeppelin to Mahler. From Bob Marley to Bob Dylan and loads in between. With people on the team from places as far and wide as Nigeria, Australia, Germany, the United States and even England, our influences come from far and wide. Some of our favourite tracks are chosen because we know them back to front and are great for testing out new designs, others because we know just how challenging they are to all but the very best kit. Others are selected just because we love them. We hope you’ll enjoy our music too.

We thought you might like to hear some of our favourite music so please do listen into to our playlists and if you really like what you hear, why not buy these albums yourself?

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