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Minx Xi at the London Design Festival

So how did the unreleased Minx Xi end up powering Scholten & Baijings' Dinner Party exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Musuem?

minx xi at va

Earlier this month we were contacted by two composers, Moritz Gabe and Henning Grambow, to provide the amplification for their exhibition at the London Design Festival.

We love London. We love Design. We love Festivals. Needless to say, when we were contacted by these upcoming composers we were excited to support them.

minx xi in cupboard

Gabe & Grambow had composed a soundtrack for the Scholten & Baijings Dinner Party exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum during The London Design Festival.

They used every element from The Dinner Party exhibition to create an entirely new, and frankly extraordinary, piece of music.

minx xi at va

Teufel Lautsprecher supplied Gabe & Grambow with their new Definion 5 Loudspeakers for the exhibition, and recommended our Azur 851A integrated amplifier as the perfect accompaniment.

We originally took an 851A and its CD partner, 851C, but one look at the cupboard (see below) and we realised this was never going to work. We decided to use the small but powerful Minx Xi instead.


minx xi in cupboard

The Minx Xi was easily able to power the Teufel Definion 5 speakers and create a haunting yet beautiful sound that resonated throughout the Norfolk House Music Room of the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Keep an eye out for the Minx Xi powering other exhibitions near you!

minx xi at va

Photos by Akade Photography